Preventive maintenance, support in the event of stoppages, spare parts, etc. Offering our customers maximum productivity and reducing downtime to a minimum is our priority. Our after-sales support service works side-by-side with our customers for the entire service-life of the system. The passion, professional training and above all great experience of SABA Automation technicians are the guarantee of a high standard of service.


Mechanical support:
Ambra Enrico

Corsini Stefano

Electrical and software support:
Cusenza Giovanni

Spare parts:
Spare Parts

Frequently Questions

Do you need an efficient system?

Perform all the routine maintenance operations described in the use and maintenance manual supplied with the system. Use only SABA Automation original spare parts. Plan maintenance and support activities only with SABA Automation staff that know all there is to know about your system.

Find a quick solution to your problem?

Of course. When you need to contact our after-sales service department, gather all the necessary information about your problem, e.g. by taking photos or videos for instance. This will help our technicians find a quick solution to your problem.

If I can't call helpline?

If you cannot call our after-sales service department, send an e-mail to the main address or to the specific contact person. If you cannot send an e-mail, send a fax describing your problem and providing all the contact information. You will be contacted by our staff as soon as possible.

Recommended spare parts upon delivery?

Recommended spare parts include parts subject to normal wear or that are difficult to retrieve. Our technicians recommend you to purchase them with the system so as to guarantee the best conditions for correct operation. We suggest you purchase recommended spare parts in good time so that you can keep a stock of them and use them as soon as possible.