Pallet packaging with shrink-wrapping

Shrink-wrapping lines for pallets are manufactured directly by SABA Automation, using the technology needed to protect products during storage and transport. Quality of the packaging is guaranteed by exclusive systems for supplying warm air over the covers to shrink. These systems are the result of years of research and SABA Automation is able to grant top-of-the-range results.




For its pallet packaging lines, SABA Automation produces:

– Automatic cover fitting machines with one, two or three reels of film and automatic reel selecting system. Fully automatic machines for packaging pallets of different dimensions using plastic shrink-wrapping covers.

– Heat shrink oven fuelled by methane gas or LPG for supplying warm air. Fully automatic machines for heat shrinking nylon covers on pallets of different sizes. These machines are covered by a PATENT. They feature a truly exclusive and unique heat shrinking system that consists of an isolated combustion chamber that has been developed with the cooperation of WEISHAUPT, leading German manufacturer of civil and industrial burners. This system makes the SABA Automation heat shrinking oven compliant with the standards in force in all European and non-EU countries.

– Vertical and horizontal binding machines SABA Automation completes these machines and lines by choosing market-leading partners: Lateral head machines, upper head machines, special machines

– In-line conveyors for pallets, namely roller ways, chain drives, etc. (see Transport systems).