ZEUS Palletising Robots

The ZEUS Palletising Robot for the tissue sector is the best in terms of technology, speed and resistance.



It can be used for single lines or multi-lines. If necessary, it can be used to palletise different products. The robot’s operating radius is 360°, which means that it is particularly versatile.

The pick-up implement has been designed to palletise specific products, such as rolls of toilet paper, kitchen paper, industrial rolls, folded products, paper napkins, paper handkerchiefs, etc. Product picking is performed in such a manner as to prevent damage during palletisation. Size changeovers can be handled without the need to make mechanical modifications.

Robots of the ZEUS series palletise sacks, packs, bags, boxes, etc. on different kinds of pallet (pallet, half pallets, display pallets, etc.).

It is extremely easy to set up the arrangement of products on the pallet (layouts) and to control the entire station. All these operations can be performed using an industrial PC with SABA Automation software, especially developed to give customers the possibility to rapidly change size on a fully independent basis.