Automatic pallet wrapping

SABA Automation offers a range of machines obtained by combining just a few accurately designed modules: a winning construction concept, that has been adopted by leading hi-tech manufacturers, but still not very common on this kind of machine. Thanks to the unique and original construction concept and to total modularity of the range, SABA Automation can offer very competitive stretch film wrapping machines that are easy to customise and that are sounder, safer and better-performing than machines offered by competitors.


The range of wrapping machines includes:

–      Automatic pallet wrapping machine with turntable,

–      Automatic pallet wrapping machine with rotating arm,

–      Automatic wrapping machine with rotating ring.

Machines are available with built-in sheet insertion device (E) for inserting a dust-proof or waterproof cover without interrupting the wrapping cycle.

A broad range of devices and special solutions allows for perfect customisation of the machine for special requirements.